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Bye bye crappy Aveo, welcome Cruze

By | November 29, 2009

***If you don’t subscribe, Santa isn’t real*** Lets start with a fact- Chevrolet and small cars are two things that don’t go together well. Chevy’s latest attempt at making a small car resulted in the Aveo which is considered by some to be the single worst car in production today. So when the 2011 Cruze […]

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Weekend Pick: Maserati Quattroporte vs. Porsche Panamera

By | November 28, 2009

***Not subscribing is the #1 cause of divorce. The more you know*** This week’s Weekend Pick pits the world’s two prominent performance saloons against each other. First up is the Maserati Quattroporte. Tracing its roots back to 1963, the Quattroporte is currently in the 5th generation of design which gives a big V8, lots of […]

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Opinion: New cars have leveled the design playing field

By | November 27, 2009

It’s interesting to look at the cars of the 90s. They were smaller, based around practicality, a lot cheaper, and conformed to a universal design similar to that of a cardboard box. Only a handful stuck out enough to turn some heads, and only a handful of those were actually pleasant to look at. Today […]

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10 cars the Daily Derbi is thankful for

By | November 26, 2009

***Happy Thanksgiving! Now subscribe or no pie!*** Tis the time of year to give your thanks for family, friends, jobs, other worldly essentials and internal combustion autocoaches. In honor of Thanksgiving the Daily Derbi brings you the 10 cars we are most thankful for. 10. Nissan GT-R: It delivers the spicy Italian performance of any […]

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The Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust Review

By | November 25, 2009

***Fine, don’t subscribe via RSS. Be that way. We’re over*** This will be short as you’ve got a lot of reading ahead. Sunday night the boys of Top Gear were challenged with building a fully functional electric vehicle to save the world and win Al Gore’s approval. After skinning a TVR Chimera, driving a milk […]

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Dear BMW: Thanks for the new 5-series

By | November 24, 2009

***In the beginning there was RSS. Subscribe*** Some say sex sells. BMW would probably counter by arguing that a good product sells itself without the aid of exposed legs and a lowered neck line. But I would argue that the new BMW 5-series gets the job done using a combination of awesome engineering and a […]

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