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Five cars to look forward to in 2010

By | December 31, 2009

***There are starving kids in Africa would would be grateful for this RSS Subscription!*** 2009 has given us some great cars to look forward to in the new year. Here’s what we’re excited to see more of in 2010: Lexus LFA: The first ever Lexus supercar has been a long time coming but certainly hasn’t […]

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Opinion: Honda Crosstour is a Prius stuffed in an X6

By | December 30, 2009

The idea of constantly needing to be one step ahead of your competition has yielded some terrible automotive results in 2009. Acura’s entire lineup of cars has taken a massive step backwards. BMW produces the truly hideous X6. Honda even came out with a new motoring gem called the Crosstour and what a sight it […]

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Top Gear Named UK’s Show Of The Decade

By | December 28, 2009

***They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Subscribe.*** If I become president the first thing I will do in office is sign a bill to bring Top Gear to American TV everywhere. The United States is, quite literally, the only country in the world that does not get new Top Gear episodes […]

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Weekend Pick: Smart Car vs. Mule

By | December 27, 2009

***Like what you see? Why not subscribe? Don’t like what you see? I don’t blame you. It’s a donkey and a ass SmartCar*** As far as Weekend Picks are concerned, this week’s is super simple: would you rather be driving a Smart ForTwo orĀ  a pure breed farm mule? In terms of stats, the top […]

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Radical SR8LM Sets New Nurburgring Lap Record!

By | December 26, 2009

What: This small but powerful car destroys the old Nurburgring lap record. Who: Michael Vergers driving the Radical SR8LM When: August 19th, 2009, however, video was just released last week to prove Radical’s claims. The Skinny: 2009 has been a busy year for the lap board at the Nurburgring. For years- since August of 2008, […]

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Merry Christmas from The Daily Derbi & Travis Pastrana

By | December 25, 2009

***Hey Griswald! Where do you think you’re going to stick a RSS Subscription that big?*** Ho ho ho, a very Merry Christmas to you! A huge thanks goes out to all of you who help make The Daily Derbi such a success everyday. To celebrate I’ve hired Travis Pastrana to give you a sneak peak […]

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