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Video: This Is How Fast A Bugatti Veyron Really Is

By | December 29, 2011

Compared to nearly every other car on the market, the Nissan GT-R is no Queen Latifah of a vehicle. It’s advanced all-wheel-drive system and 540+ horsepower takes it from a stand still to 60 mph in just 2.7 seconds. So, if you’re a GT-R owner/lover and don’t want to look like Queen Latifah, it would […]

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Not The Right Caliber- Dodge’s Caliber Cut From Production

By | December 27, 2011

There’s really not much more to add than what the title has joyously relayed. Dodge’s 4-wheeled SUV, small sedan, Sloth’s face hybrid vehicle has been put to rest and will cease production. Since its introduction in 2007, the Dodge Caliber has seen plenty of poor sale. It also saw an SRT-4 variant, proving yet again […]

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Weekend Wallpaper: Joy

By | December 25, 2011

On a day that is typically meant for gathering of friends, family, and loved ones, nothing much to say this weekend, other then JOY! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Download link Weekend Wallpaper is a weekly series featuring the auto photography of Mike Gillilan. You can see more of his work on Flickr

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Video: Santa Rescues Man From Burning Truck, Directs Traffic Around Wreck

By | December 22, 2011

Santa Claus is known around the world by many, many names. Father Christmas, St. Nicholas, Chris Kringle, etc, etc. Life saver, however, isn’t likely on of them, although no one could argue against that after watching the video below. In it, a man in a Santa costume is seen directing traffic around a burning Ford […]

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New Pics: The Lexus LF-LC Is Shockingly Good Looking

By | December 21, 2011

That beautiful red thing on four wheels in the picture above is a new concept vehicle from Lexus their calling the LF-LC. There’s not much to know about it just yet, outside of the fact that it is easily the best looking Lexus ever. It is strangely familiar in appearance to the nearly mythical Aston […]

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Utahan Wins Lamborghini, Crashes It Several Hours Later

By | December 20, 2011

Ah, what a crux excessive horsepower really is. For the many of us who have spent the majority of our lives behind the wheel of Civics and Camrys and other mass-produced sedans that don’t even come close to eclipsing the 200-horsepower mark, a 640-horsepower Italian V12 may be a small adjustment. Such was the case […]

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