2012 Miller Motorsports Park Schedule: Get It Now!

By | February 15, 2012

#40 Robertson Racing / Doran Ford GT MK VII

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For our Utah readers, it’s once again time to grab your calendars, phones, iPads, paper pads, or anything that will remind you of the upcoming 2012 Miller Motorsports Park schedule, because this is it.

The majority of major events from last year’s season are making their way back to Tooele for another round, including World Superbike, the Lucas Off-Road Series, and the Utah Grand Prix, by far our favorite returning series to grace the 4.48 mile-long track at Miller Motorsports Park.

Take a look at the 2012 major event schedule below and head over to the MMP website for complete details and information on plenty of smaller events.

April 28-29: Utah Grand Prix | NASCAR K&N Pro Series West

Supporting events include:

SCCA Pro Racing World Challenge Championship

* More details on supporting events to come as the series gets closer.

May 26-28: World Superbike | Big M Weekend

June 11-12: W.E. Rock Extreme Rock Climbing Regionals

June 23-24: Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series

July 15-16: Ultra4 American Rock Sports Challenge

September 24-25: W.E. Rock Extreme Rock Climbing Grand Nationals

We’re totally bummed to see that the American Le Mans Series will not be making an appearance for the second season in a row, as that event was second only to Ferrari Challenge and a spectacle for any performance loving gear head.

But for the lack of ALMS, there is some good news. For those who would like to get on the track this year instead of simply watching, the epic Wide Open Wednesdays or WOW will likely be scheduled for the second Wednesday of every month allowing anyone and everyone to drive their own cars on the track for a mere $25.

[Image credit: Mike Gillilan]


audilover on February 15, 2012 at 3:50 pm.

I am excited to see WoW every month. It’s sad that ALMS and GrandAm won’t be making an appearance. I heard it was partly due to low spectator turnout. But after the first year they started having those major events on Sundays. Hello, this is UT, you won’t have as many people coming out to a Sunday event. The Ferrari Challenge was one of my favorite events, I brought all of my non-car enthusiast family members (since I got free tickets) and even they absolutely loved it. 

Chad Waite on February 15, 2012 at 4:10 pm.

I agree. It’s cool they’re able to get these off-roading events, but I wish that they were able to secure more racing series like Grand Am and ALMS. 

Besides attendance, I also heard temperature and track conditions were issues for both ALMS and Grand Am. In Utah it’s generally either really cold or really hot and nowhere in between. Also, since the track is surrounded entirely by dirt, some teams were complaining of dirt drifts blowing over the track when wind would pick up.

Bee327 on February 17, 2012 at 8:45 am.

Your post says that Grand Am will be returning, but unfortunately it won’t.

Chad Waite on February 17, 2012 at 9:38 am.

Excellent catch- I meant to say “Grand Prix”. Maybe I was just hoping Grand Am would come back subconsciously :)

Either way, should be fixed now. Thanks.

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