2012 Nissan GT-R Does 0-60 In Under 3 Seconds, Named “Veyron Jr.”

By | November 19, 2010

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Nissan GT-R

As terribly ugly as it may be, the Nissan GT-R never ceases to impress us. Yes, the new 2012 model will add 45 additional horsepower to it’s already impressive 485 HP V6, and yes, at under $90,000 for a base model, it is still the best value for a supercar ever, ever, ever.

And now, Nissan claims that the 2012 GT-R will have a 0-60 time of under 3 seconds. Under three seconds!¬†Picture this: you’re sitting still. One…., two….., three. Now you’re moving 60 miles per hour. It’s borderline incomprehensible.

By comparison, the Bugatti Veyron- a car that has a W16 engine with four turbos- gets to 60 in 2.5 seconds and costs well over a million dollars. This means that you can now get the Veyron experience, minus the sex appeal, in a car that is 1/10th of the cost. Veyron Jr. indeed.

[Chad Waite, Nissan]

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AJ on November 19, 2010 at 7:09 pm.

Lacking the sex appeal of a Veyron?! HA! The GTR slathers sex all over the Veyron in its sleep. The only time a Veyron looks good is when it’s next to humpty gumpty Gumpert.

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