2015 Ford Mustang Details Leaked!

By | October 18, 2012

The Ford Mustang is an American icon, the original affordable sports car, pony car, and the sweet heart of American car lovers.  It’s an American institution that will once again receive a major update and facelift in 2015.

When cars reach icon status, faithful followers are guaranteed to break into nervous sweats when a new generation is due to bow at the auto shows.  The question, of whether or not the new iteration will be true to the lines of pedigree that have held true for decades, weighs heavy on everyone’s mind.

The current breed of Mustang is among my favorite examples from the nearly 50 years it’s been produced and with big changes around the bend, I was fortunate enough to get a few spoilers from a friend that gets to tinker on prototypes for a living.  For one, the 2015 Mustang will be available with an Ecoboost engine.  It’s been a good 30 years since the last time America’s pony car came equipped with a turbocharger.  While many have expected the Mustang to get the 2.0L variant of the Ecoboost as a base model, my inside source says that Ford is actually developing a 2.3L version that will find duty in the Mustang.  The 3.7L V6 was a massive improvement over the old 4.0L paperweight it replaced and it hasn’t been around long but a 2.3L Ecoboost would probably make just as much power as the V6 with better fuel economy.  I’m no fortune teller but something tells me the 3.7L’s days are numbered unless it gets a significant power boost.   The current 2.0L is found in the new Fusion and makes a solid 237 horsepower, so it would make sense that the 2.3L would be pushing close to 300 which is the 3.7L V6′s realm.  An updated version of the beloved 5.0L “Coyote” V8 will still be the GT’s motor of choice but no word yet on what those updates will be.  Direct injection would be a nice touch no doubt.

Mustang enthusiasts may not be hip on the 4-banger turbo but with the true 5.0L still the range topping option, blue bloods should be OK for now.  What really could shake Mustang history is the deletion of the solid rear axle.  With the exception of the ’99 to ’04 SVT Cobra, Mustangs have always had live rear axles putting the power to the ground.  With all the comparo’s going on between the Mustang and its competitors, it’s actually shocking that Ford hasn’t replaced the Mustangs rear set up earlier as the live rear axle is a common complaint due to its rougher ride and its inability to put the power to the ground effectively.  The live rear axle in the current Mustang is one of the best out there but even the best tools become obsolete.  Our unnamed source has confirmed that the 2015 Mustang does in fact have independent rear suspension.  I think the only complaint future Mustang owners will have with that is the inevitable spike in price as a result.

Technicalities aside, what the Mustang will look like for its golden anniversary is still up in the air.  The Internet is filthy with conceptual renderings but we haven’t seen anything on a rolling chassis yet.  Ford’s design boss, J Mays, told Motor Trend that the new Mustang will not be retro.  That’s not hard to see from the current mock-ups online, which depict a more Fusion-like styling that definitely hints at Aston Martin design cues.  Anything that looks like an Aston Martin is going to get an A+ grade for styling but should a Mustang look like an Aston?  We’ll leave that for Ford to determine and when a rolling chassis shows up we’ll reconvene then.  Until that time, let’s cross our fingers that Ford is successful in accomplishing the delicate task of appeasing the faithful, attracting the new, and pushing the standard for the affordable sports car.

Sources: Motor Trend, Car & Driver

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