3 New Spectacular Car Fails

By | March 10, 2011

Let’s be honest – nobody likes Charlie Sheen. No matter how much he is #Winning!, we think he’s…well…here’s his tribute from the DailyDerbi:

An automotive failfest!

Fail #1 – Fork Lift Tow Truck

Let’s set up this scenario – you’ve got a flat tire with no spare. You don’t have access to a tow truck, but you DO have access to a forklift. What’s the best solution? Call a towtruck, because this embarrassed guy now needs a new rim.

Fail #2 – Unnecessary Parallel Park WTF

This one gets a huge DailyDerbi WTF! There is no reason to attempt a parallel parking maneuver in a parking lot. Wouldn’t be surprised if this one were in Utah…

Fail #3 – Motorcycle Pass WIN!

This one’s not so much a fail, really, as a win. This motorcyclist decides to pass through the row-crop sprayer rather than around it. Maybe this one is a fail on the part of the sprayer. Either way, it’s hugely enjoyable. Hooray for hoonery!

So there you are – a failfest worthy of a tribute to the #Winning! Charlie Sheen!

[AJ Wilcox | Fail Blog | Jalopnik ]

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