$375k buys a sexy digital LFA dash

By | October 26, 2009

LFA Digital Dash

The Lexus LFA is positively chalk full of neat features and shiny bits. And for $375,000 it better be. But in back of a glass panel behind the steering wheel rests the LFA’s all digital dashboard,  arguably the sexiest part of this car. It’s very simple, clean-cut, customizable and even glows red when you hit redline! Wow. That’s almost better than seeing the landscape whiz by at 200 mph. Almost.

Richard Hammond has always said that supercars need to be over the top and make you feel like a 12 year old again. This dash then is the LFA’s final element to making drivers feel young and prepubescent.

Lexus LFA Digital Dash Redline

[via Lexuspedia]

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