41st Annual Boise Roadster Show

By | March 14, 2013


As the lone Daily Derbi editor to live outside of Utah, I often feel isolated from the great events that most of the crew enjoys.  Save for the short time in the greater Seattle area, Mr. Davis has been starved of great car scenes.

Boise, Idaho isn’t a grease monkeys Mecca by a long shot but it does have a few shining stars.  When it comes to exotics, tuners, and the uber rare, Boise isn’t the place to be.  Swap genres to classics, muscle cars, and rat rods… Boise has that covered.  The annual Boise Roadster show has been going strong for over 4 decades and generally brings about 250 entries that range from wild one-off customs to pristine numbers matching classics.

600292_10151289225071673_633479809_nCar connoisseur’s have enough varying tastes to put the Skittles slogan, “Taste the Rainbow”, to sorrowful shame.  I always say that my taste in cars is eclectic to say the least.  That’s talking about car genres in general.  Narrow the focus to something like a custom 55′ Chevy two door post and my personal tastes become much more defined.  The custom ford truck above, complete with tires wide enough to put Beyonce’s behind to shame and paint deep enough to drown in is a little much for my tastes.

479701_10151289225106673_1992360570_nThis 55′ Bel-Air on the other hand is considerably more in-line with my tastes.  Custom hot rods that jive with my tastes have to be custom enough to add usable power, provide some modern amenities, but be low key enough to not ruin the natural beauty of the car.  A modern LS3 mated to a 6-speed manual, tasteful two-tone paint, and plush leather interior that you could smell from five feet outside the car… oh yes please.  I neglected to snap a good side shot of this beauty but the only fault I found with this fine tri-five was its wheels.  I never did like big wheels on classics.  I prefer a meatier tire on a smaller rim.

429635_10151289225756673_1639861673_nSeveral fine examples of Detroit muscle graced the roadster show this year too.  A very nice Shelby GT350H was sitting pretty in its roped arena.  For the Shelby novice, these little beauties were built by Shelby for Hertz rental car in the 1960′s.  The black and gold Shelby’s found on the Hertz lot are still the coolest thing to grace the rental lot, normally populated with miserly sedans and tin cans.

A gorgeous 1978 Porsche 911 Carrera was one of the few German examples to be found at the show.  This particular one was flawless in every way, rolling on original Fuchs wheels and painted in a stunning orange.  The saddle brown leather interior was particularly inviting.

The lone JDM entry was a welcome addition in custom Datsun 510 form.  Complete with a carbon fiber air dam and sparkling metallic black paint.  Datsun 510′s have always been a personal favorite of mine and this one was particularly tasty.  Too many great cars were at the show to cover unfortunately but if you’re ever in the Boise area for future roadster shows, be sure to stop by and enjoy the the jaw dropping rides that are sure to be there.

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