$550k Bugatti Veyron Crash, This Time Pelican-Free

By | October 5, 2010

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Bugatti Veyron CrashThe Bugatti Veyron is an expensive car- we all know that. We know that it takes a sum of money in the millions to purchase it and thousands more to maintain it every month, not to mention your first three children for fuel costs alone. So there’s not much the Veyron could do in monetary terms to drop jaws…that is until you see the repair bill on one.

Try on $550,000 for size.

After trying a high-speed, 124 mph pass in zee German countryside, the driver of this Veyron pictured above failed to take into consideration that not every car can match the speed and acceleration he held at the disposal of his foot. Here’s what happened:

  1. Man sees slow truck, wants to pass.
  2. Man quickly accelerates to 124 mph, a common Veyron passing speed.
  3. Man doesn’t notice that the car in front of him but also behind the slow truck would also like to pass said truck and does so.
  4. Man quickly catches up to significantly slower car passing the significantly slower truck very, very quickly.
  5. Man realizes that he cannot brake in time and tries to squeeze between the front of the truck and the car.
  6. See dramatic recreation below.

Bugatti Veyron CrashThe aftermath of this whole event was an angry owner and a $550,000 repair bill according to police estimates (they never get anything wrong, right?). It also ranks as the most expensive overtaking in the history of the world.

Even though the event was witnessed by lots of people, we give full credit to the driver for taking the blame on this one instead of blaming those pesky Pelicans.

[Chad Waite, Jalopnik]

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