60% Is Better Than 0% At Lotus

By | December 14, 2010

Bob Lutz, of former General Motors fame, believes Lotus’s recovery plan has “a 60% chance at least” of obtaining its goal to launch five new models and sell 6,000 to 7,000 vehicles a year.

Lotus CEO Dany Bahar invited Lutz to be a member of Lotus’s senior advisory board of industry experts.

“People keep asking me if I’m sure the new plan will work,” Lutz told AutoCar, “and of course I can’t guarantee that. It’s a risk. But I’m quite certain it stands a better chance than the Lotus status quo, which for sure would eventually lead this great brand into terminal decline.”

Lutz said that unveiling five new models at once is “a fair bit of showbiz” and that release dates would probably change.

As long as the cars are desirable and engineered well, and the company does it right the gamble will pay off for the investors. Lutz seemed to think that Lotus is on the right path:

“The engineering I’ve seen so far is very good, and they’re definitely going about it the right way. The money they’re spending on each model is only a fraction of what we’d have spent at GM on similar projects.”

We hope a great nameplate such as Lotus can pull it off.

(Jason Udy, AutoCar)

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Chadwaite6 on December 14, 2010 at 8:27 pm.

I think that Lotus’ new line up is not only competitive but appealing. I LOVE the new Elise, despite the radical departure from previous styling. nnHopefully Lotus lands in that 60% and pulls out a win with this revamp.

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