6th Generation Mustang To be World Car

By | December 4, 2013

If you’re a blue blooded Mustang buff, midnight tonight will be one to remember.  Will it be remembered as the night the Ford Mustang reached new heights of pony car stardom or the night it sold its soul to the global economy?  Grab your popcorn and cross your fingers because tonight is the night you’ve been waiting for all year.

2015 Mustang RenderingThe 2015 Ford Mustang will mark its 6th iteration, spanning a half century.  The only other American vehicle to achieve such a legacy is the Chevrolet Corvette, now in its 7th generation.  The Mustang and Corvette are two different animals all together but both have been around for a long time and for the most part, have been true to their heritage.  The 7th generation Corvette is still very much a Corvette.  You can line up a C7 next to almost any other generation and feel confident that they share the same bloodline.  The upcoming Mustang could be the black sheep of the Mustang flock.

Granted, not all Mustangs have been worth remembering… or even calling Mustangs.  The idea of the Mustang II being a sports car is almost laughable.  The 6th generation Mustang is likely not in danger of being slow or uninspiring to drive.  What it is in danger of is disgracing its roots in favor of becoming just another sports car.  Most models in any manufacturers line up look like the rest of the cars in the lineup.  Whether you’re looking at an Audi TT or an Audi A4, they are both unmistakably Audi’s.  Dodge’s all look like Dodges, Chevy’s… like Chevy’s.  But the flagship sports cars generally have something different about them.  Not just in the way they perform but in the way they look; in the way they present themselves as they cruise down the boulevard.  The Nissan GT-R is certainly a Nissan, but it certainly isn’t just any other Nissan.  It’s the fire breathing Godzilla that will blitz 60 mph in under 3 seconds and it turns every head on the way there.

Ford may be an American auto maker.  The most famous of the big three to be sure. However, for many years, Ford cars have been increasing in popularity across many other markets throughout the world.  The design boss of Ford once designed the British born Aston Martins and the current ford lineup, all have that European feel to their style.  One look at the 2015 Ford Mustang and you can tell… it’s a Ford.  The problem is, it looks like a Ford.

1970FordMustangMachITwister_01_1500Ford mustangs never really looked like the other Fords of the same vintage.  It always had that pony car flare and it was distinctly American.  The 2015 Mustang looks like a Fusion coupe.  A “world car” is what Ford wanted the next generation Mustang to be and a “world car” is likely what it will be.  Clearly Ford is doing this to increase sales and more sales is what they’ll get.  It’s probably a good move for Ford in the long wrong but a sad occurrence to the true Mustang faithful.  Likely, Mustang collectors and enthusiasts will tighten their purse strings at 2014 and choose to drive earlier models of their beloved pony car.  The 2015 will probably be better at the track, have a smoother ride, take the twisty roads with more confidence with its fancy independent suspension but Ford sold the Mustangs soul for world wide sales.  While sales will be increased globally, I suspect that they’ll be diluted in the United States.

The official reveal of the Ford Mustang is slated for midnight tonight.  Our fears may be false and the 6th generation Mustang may find its way into the hearts of the Mustang faithful.  With what we’ve seen so far we don’t have much confidence in that sentiment.  Let’s hope we’re wrong.

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