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Driving a Shelby Cobra & $5000 in a Bush

By | September 24, 2012

With a title like that, you’re probably thinking, “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do,” and you’d be right. It all started when I came across a tweet from @provotreasure about a contest he is running. He hid $5,000 cash somewhere in Orem/Provo Utah, and he’s giving daily clues to where it’s hidden. Now you’re […]

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Weekend Wallpaper: AC Shelby Cobra 427

By | April 16, 2011

***We don’t want your vote- just your Facebook like ——>*** Weekend Wallpaper Download Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Tyson Call, A.K.A. Clancycoop, and I have been asked by the Daily Derbi to share some of my favorite car photos that I myself have taken. I think that cars can be as beautiful as any woman […]

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Shelby To Make 50th Anniversary Cobra

By | January 25, 2011

Shelby announced the 50th Anniversary 289 Cobra at the 40th Anniversary Barrett-Jackson Auction last Friday (January 21,2011). Only 50 of the 50th Anniversary cars will be built: all in “Shelby Black” with “a premium wine colored leather interior, special badges, wire wheels and other items,” according to Shelby’s website. The original (1962-1965) Cobras were European […]

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Carroll Shelby Passes Away At 89

By | May 11, 2012

Automotive legend Carroll Shelby passed away today. He was 89. Shelby needs no introduction here. If you consider yourself to be any sort of gearhead, Shelby is a household name. Even up till his final days, Carroll’s company was making headlines and turning heads with the latest iteration of the absolutely jaw dropping yet entirely […]

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Kirkham Motorsports Open House

By | February 23, 2013

Nestled in Provo, Utah lies a hidden gem, the Kirkham Motorsports factory.  It isn’t so much a factory as it is a shop were they hand build aluminum bodied Shelby Cobra replicas.  The cars are built in the same way a Pagani is built, to order.  Kirkham Motorsports will build you a Cobra starting at […]

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The Ten Most Expensive Cars Sold At Auction

By | December 4, 2012

In today’s world there are thousands of new and used cars for sale.  The average selling price for a new car is just over $30K.  While that may not seem like a lot, for many of us it is more than we can afford.  But what if you could?  What if money were no problem […]

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