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Weekend Wallpaper: Pirelli World Challenge TCB #45 Honda Performance Development Honda Fit

By | June 25, 2012

I talk quite a bit about the different ways of getting into racing. Well, add another way. The folks over at the Pirelli World Challenge decided to create a new class of cars for their multi-class series – Touring Car B-spec (TCB) What exactly are TCB cars? To quote the World Challenge website: “These are […]

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Here’s The New Honda CR-V… We’re Sorry

By | October 31, 2011

If you like your cars practical and obscenely bulbous then turn your attention to the new Honda CR-V, where you’ll find seven seats and intensely rounded off bodywork pretty much everywhere. Who knew Jennifer Coolidge inspired car design? [Honda]

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Honda Employee Killed In Japanese Earthquake, 30 Other Injured

By | March 11, 2011

Generally speaking, we here at The Daily Derbi try to take a sarcastic, lighthearted tone in our content. Today’s events in Japan however, will allow for no such tone. Among the tragic destruction caused by what ended up as the 6th most powerful earthquake in recorded history are the victims of this natural disaster, including […]

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Honda Confirms NSX Resurrection!

By | February 4, 2011

Hark ye, these words of good tidings: Honda is bringing back the bad-ass NSX! Today company president Takashi Ito said that Honda plans to jump-start the development of the supercar that put the company on the map for performance; not a moment too soon in our opinion. Back in 2005, Honda killed the NSX because […]

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Auto Soup: New A6 Ditches Eyeliner & Eyes, Honda Ditches Element, & GT5 Is Basically Real Life

By | December 4, 2010

Another week, another delicious edition of autosoup. Have anything to say? Speak up by leaving a comment below or talk to us on our Facebook page or Twitter! Honda Ends Element Production Sad news of the day comes as America’s favorite box car from Japan is scheduled to end production after a final run of […]

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Weekend Pick: Mazda MX-5 vs Honda S2000

By | January 31, 2010

It’s Sunday and another round of Weekend Pick is upon us. Two hot little performance coupes, the Mazda MX-5 Miata and the Honda S2000, are the cars in question this week but only one can win. Lets start with the MX-5. Since its humble beginnings in 1989 with a reputation as being a male hairdresser’s […]

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