A $1.7 Million Aston Martin One-77 Can Now Be Yours!

By | May 17, 2011

ASton Martin One-77

The One-77 is a car that has earned a lot of ‘most’ titles at Aston Martin. It’s the most expensive car they’ve ever made. The most powerful. The most limited. And the car with the most departure from the traditional Aston styling…well, if you don’t look at the Cygnet, which is just stupid.

Because only 77 of them were made, each one cost $1.7 million, and some sheik in Abu Dhabi bought ten of them, you didn’t get a fair chance to buy one. Now is the time to fix that. JamesList, the CraigsList-like website for really expensive cars and unoriginal names, has posted up a gorgeous 2011 pearl-white One-77. The price? If that’s an issue, then don’t ask. We didn’t because the price is upon request only and unless the current owner is down to trade straight across for my 2001 Miata, then I am not sure I’m what they’d consider a “serious buyer”.

As a refreshing refresher, the One-77 packs 750-horsepower, a 210+ mph top speed, and one truly hideous red interior according to these pictures.


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