Affordable Street-Legal Track Car?

By | February 15, 2011

Here at the Daily Derbi we love supercars, but we and most of the world can’t afford them (yet?). We also are a big fan of affordable, lightweight, rear-wheel drive cars. So of course we were excited to hear Factory Five Racing announce on Saturday the addition of their newest and most affordable component car.

The new car is a mid-engine rear-wheel drive two-seat roadster (with optional hardtop) slated to weigh 1,800 pounds. The new car utilizes the running gear (and other pieces) from the Subaru WRX models. It will ride on a 95 inch wheel base (slightly bigger than a Lotus Exige).

The component kit is expected to cost around $9,900 and could be completed for under $15,000 using a donor (i.e salvage title) car. Some assembly required. But who hasn’t wanted to build their own sports car from the ground up? It’s a combination of a new exotic looking car and a tuner car!

You can even help design the body — well it will be for all the cars, not just yours. According to Factory Five’s website:

“The base dimensions, running gear, and chassis/suspensions work has been determined. The body shape of this two-seater, mid-engined roadster is not finalized and we have decided, in conjunction with Grassroots Motorsports Magazine, to sponsor a body design competition open to the public and hosted by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine. Full details on this competition will be released shortly and submissions dates begin March 1st.”

The complete kit should be available in about a year.

If you haven’t heard of Factory Five Racing (Wareham, Massachusetts, about an hour south of Boston) you should have. They began building affordable replica cars in 1995. Their original car (pictured above), a replica of a famous British Roadster with a Ford V8 engine. Their component cars were built using a kit you buy from them and parts from a donor car (i.e. salvage title or cheap) more specifically a 1987-2004 Mustang V8.

The cars utilize such pieces as engine, transmission, rear-end, suspension, fuel system, brakes, wheels etc. This kept replacement parts cheap and obtainable. Over the years they added other cars to their line-up including a spec-racer of their original roadster. They added the Type 65 Coupe

The next car they decided to build was a clean sheet design, a “poor man’s” Ford GT if you will. It utilizes the GM LS series engine and a Porsche transaxle for a mid-engine RWD supercar. Called the GTM, it’s about 800 pounds lighter than a Corvette.

The latest car currently available is the 33 Hot Rod. It’s an updated 1933 Ford body wrapped around a modern race car chassis. All new rust-free and no metal fatigue.

(Jason Udy, Factory Five Racing)

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