Alfa Romeo Confirms Upcoming SUV

By | May 4, 2013

2003 Kamal Concept

2003 Kamal Concept

Our favorite cheeky Brit, Jeremy Clarkson, once said that you’re not a true petrol head until you’ve owned an Alfa Romeo.  That poses a problem for many a gear head, specifically to those living in the United States.  It’s been decades since you could buy a new Alfa in Yankee town, although technically a new Dodge Dart is just a massaged Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

There are plenty of us American’s, regardless of our affinity for big brash American muscle, that would love nothing more than to have the option of an Alfa Romeo.  That time may be short at hand… relatively.  We’ve reported on rumors in the past that the Fiat group is planning on bringing back Alfa Romeo to American soil.  The Fiat 500 being sold in conjunction with Chrysler’s was just the first step.  Another clue that they may be on their way is Alfa recently disclosed that they definitely have an upcoming SUV in the works.

This is revealing because we Americans love our SUV’s.  They make us feel safe, we like sitting high, and for some reason we are under the false perception that they are all spacious.  Regardless of the reason, most manufacturers that are successful in the U.S offer an SUV, generally a small car based model.  Alfa’s concept from 2003, the Kamal, looks to be just that.  It’s unlikely that the Kamal will be the upcoming model but it at least gives us some direction.

An Alfa Romeo SUV isn’t my cup of tea… I don’t even like tea.  However, if an Alfa SUV means sporty car models for sale at your friendly Alfa Romeo/Fiat dealer in average town USA.  I’m certainly not opposed.  Especially considering that it would likely have Jeep underpinnings, it might not be half bad.

Source: MotorAuthority

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