All Good Things Come To An End…

By | April 8, 2011

…Fortunately that doesn’t refer to the Daily Derbi. Only me writing for Utah’s Largest Car Blog. It’s a bitter-sweet time for me. I have enjoyed writing for the blog and working with the guys at the Derbi. I have accepted a position with Motor Trend as an Associate Online Editor. I will be writing for their website. Mostly for the “WOT” (Wide Open Throttle) section. Basically this section covers all the latest rumors and stories related to the automotive world. There will be other job responsibilities of course. I am excited to do anything they need me to do (unless it’s cleaning restrooms, but I’m sure that is contracted out).

I won’t be testing any cars, at least not at first. After all, it’s hard to do a comparison test when I haven’t even driven 100 cars, spread out over the last 15 years of my life. As I prove myself I will be exposed to more and more cars. After driving enough cars I will know how to evaluate them. Hopefully it’s not a minivan comparison…

I am sad to leave the Derbi, but excited for this new opportunity!

I think my favorite part of the blog (besides going to car shows and other automotive events) would be “Tuning Gone Wrong“. It’s even better when it’s a Utah homegrown TGW. But Utah is more than just TGWs, we also have the greatest racetrack in North America in our own backyard. We have some of the greatest tuner shops, custom car shops and auto enthusiasts around.

I also enjoyed the humor and “unhealthy dose of opinion” from the other writers. This makes the blog fun to read. Who wouldn’t want to laugh while learning the latest car news?

When the day comes that I’ll actually be able to test drive cars I think I am looking forward to the underdogs. The poor man’s sports cars. I am excited about the Toyobaru FT-86, Ford Focus ST, the rumored Ford Fiesta ST, Fiat 500 or Aston Martin Cygnet (J/K Chad). Of course any Mustang (GT or better, like the BOSS 302? Hmmm…) , 370Z, WRX STi or EVO would be fun. Now don’t think I would turn down the opportunity to floss a McLaren MP4-12C, DBS, Ferrari, or something I can’t pronounce like a Koenigsegg. The exotics are what we all dream about, but it’s the grass roots cars that are with in our grasp.

I couldn’t have made it to Motor Trend without the guys here at the Daily Derbi, or a crazy idea that came to me when I was on a business trip to a convention in a small town called Las Vegas. SEMA 2004 is when I realized what I always wanted to do: write for a car magazine. I saw Motor Trend’s booth (and other sister publications and competitors) there with their editors and photographers. I had read about SEMA in several magazines before, and was in disbelief that I was there. When I got home I figured out a plan to become an Automotive Journalist and went with it.

I decided the best plan for me was to go to UVU and major in Journalism and Auto Mechanics. I have 14 years of auto parts experience but wanted the hands-on experience as well. I had lots of help from the staff at UVU, and of course The Daily Derbi. If there is any advice I can give to all the kids and kids-at-heart it is to:

*Figure out what you want to do
*Figure out what you need to do to get there
*Make a plan
*Stick to it (and fine-tune it as you go)
*Learn everything you can and ask people for help
*Thank everyone who offered you help and advice

People are willing to help you — especially if you are willing to work hard yourself. This blog came about because of Chad’s dream and hard work as well as the hard work of all the Daily Derbi writers. Oh, and a wife that supports your crazy dream can’t be beat!

I start mid-May, but I am signing a “non-compete” agreement tomorrow to finish the application process.

So to leave you with one last story (which definitely doesn’t compete with Motor Trend), I offer you “Tuning Gone Wrong” Utah Style:

My wife and I saw this late 80s/early 90s Mazda 626 after leaving my buddy’s place. It has a homemade out of who knows what that is mostly molded-in and painted to match. Of course the modern Mazda emblem on the middle of the (4″x”4 block of wood, maybe??) spoiler can’t be forgotten. It also had an impressive molded-in hood scoop with another modern emblem.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to take a pic of the hood scoop because we had just finished removing my slightly illegal front door window tint (13.3%, Utah law is apparently 43% minimum), because of one too many fix-it-tickets. The guy driving was trying to figure out why we were staring at his car (isn’t it obvious?). So we decided that holding up the camera to snap a pic might induce a bit of good ole’ fashioned road rage. We were leaving West Valley, driving through Kearns, how bad could it have been?

Don’t forget to continue reading The Daily Derbi, and in a little over a month you can continue reading me over at Motor Trend! Thanks everybody!

(Jason Udy)


Chad Waite on April 9, 2011 at 6:44 am.


1. Congrats on the MT job. Talk about achieving your dreams.
2. You will be missed here.
3. Once your editor-in-chief, hold a spot open for me!!

Best of luck man,


StephAnn Knotts on April 9, 2011 at 6:56 am.

Wow! Congrats!!

Brandon on April 9, 2011 at 4:18 pm.

You will be missed old friend. Just remember us little folk as you climb the automotive journalism ladder.

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