Almost-Production Ready (?) Version of BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Spotted In Heat

By | January 2, 2011

BMW i8

Well, we’re assuming it’s in heat because these pictures of the BMW’s newest, only, and worst named supercar were taken on a racetrack in Abu Dhabi, a place renowned for┬álots of heat and apparently near production Bavarian prototypes. Yes, the phrase “almost production ready” is nothing short of rampant, unsubstantiated speculation on our part, but take one look at that car on that track and tell us that it doesn’t look like a cleaned up street version of a prototype car. Also, the car is wearing no weird disguises, swirly paint jobs, or misguiding liveries of any kind to distract any onlookers. Also, rampant speculation is what we do here.

There are two important developments on the Vision EfficientDynamics since our last report. First, we now know that the car boasts a full hybrid system powered by a three-cylinder turbodiesel connected to a pair of electric motors. These motors are good for 328 HP and 590 lb-ft of torque (think driving a car with powerdrill motors equipped for an engine) and are predicted to help the car to lofty 62.8mpg . Secondly, the car is now officially called by its production name, the “i8″. Yes, BMW has ditched Vision EfficientDynamics, a name that came straight from an engineer’s wet dream, and given it a name straight from an intense game of Bingo or Battleship.

New name and rampant speculation aside, it’s cool to see BMW pump out a version of this car that is what we’d assume to be near a production spec model. Would you pay the $200k pricetag for a BMW i8?

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