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Brandon has been a “car guy” since birth. He grew up idolizing the greats such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. Ever since his first car, a venerable old Mk2 GTI, Brandon has been a self proclaimed Euro zealot. He is an avid Formula 1 fan and semi-pro hot shoe, periodically tracking his 20th Anniversary GTI. Brandon currently lives in Orem with his beautiful wife and enjoys all things cars and racing.

Video: JDM Legends Skyline GTR Hits The Track

By | May 10, 2012

We knew local videographer extraordinaire Josh Clason was up to something when he tweeted a picture of a classic Skyline. It is also a pretty safe bet that when there is a classic Skyline, JDM Legends is involved. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! This latest JDM Legends creation began life way back in 1970 as a […]

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Video: A Day in Japan

By | March 30, 2012

Japan: land of forbidden JDM fruit. A fruit which kids growing up in the states could only fantasize about.  Images of Honda Type R’s, Skylines, Evo’s and more flashed before our eyes as we wore our thumbs to the bone playing Gran Turismo. Aaron Eskaran was one of those kids who later on in life […]

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Senna Documentary: US DVD Release March 6

By | March 5, 2012

That’s right folks; the greatest documentary ever made is set for DVD release TOMORROW! If you think that statement is a bit bold, here’s a refresher on our review of Senna. We had the opportunity to screen the film and chat with director Asif Kapadia during last year’s Sundance Film Festival. Our lives haven’t been […]

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The Kia Optima: Point-Counterpoint

By | March 2, 2012

Words: Brandon Christiansen and AJ Wilcox Photos: Brandon Christiansen A week or two ago I was cruising the internets when I came across a twitter discussion between our very own AJ Wilcox and a faithful reader named Ben. They were discussing Kia’s Super Bowl commercial and each others unique opinion of the Optima’s styling. Ben […]

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SEMA 2011 Spotlight: The Most Euro Kia EVER

By | December 14, 2011

Fans of a certain European car manufacturer have been labeled as the “ultimate hipsters of the car world” by a (slightly) larger and (slightly) swearier car blog. For this year’s SEMA show, Korean manufacturer Kia decided to create some hipster car fans of their own with its customized Retro Surf Rio masterfully executed by Lux […]

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Tuning Gone Wrong: Civic Hybrid Auditions for Fast and Furious

By | November 19, 2011

This tuning gone wrong specimen is soo wrong it’s almost right! We either have an environmentally conscious Dominick Toretto or a tree hugger with an ironic sense of humor. Either way, this Civic HYBRID is definitely in the running for the Tuning Gone Wrong-est Award. Unfortunately, we only had time to snap an image of […]

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