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Auto Soup: BMW Revisits The El Camino, Negative Press For Lamborghini, and Hennessey Takes On Godzilla

By | March 16, 2011

BMW Revisits the El Camino: Thank you to KGP and Autoblog for sharing these great pictures!  Look below and feast your eyes on the BMW “El Camino“.  Nobody knows what to think of this BMW that was spotted among a sea of other ‘Bimmer‘ models on the Nürburgring.  It is speculated that the BMW design […]

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Guy Fieri’s Superleggera First Contestant On ‘Minute to Lose It’

By | March 10, 2011

Your First Blueprint: Climb the wall of the Bentley, Lamborghini, Lotus dealership and access the roof. Your Second Blueprint: Now that you have arrived on the roof, break-in and rappel down to the showroom floor. Your Third Blueprint: You are faced with a decision – before you sits a Bentley Continental Supersport 2+2 worth $287,140. […]

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You Can’t Have Your 2012 Audi RS3 and Eat It Too

By | March 2, 2011

There are many quotes out there that speak of having something great but not being able to enjoy it.  The 2012 Audi RS3 is one of those great things we Yankees will never enjoy.  Once again we are left to gaze from afar as the rest of the world flaunts their RennSport hatchbacks.  The Audi […]

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Auto Soup: Paris Hilton’s LFA, Porsche’s Latest Hybrid And The Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec

By | February 17, 2011

Paris Hilton’s New LFA: There isn’t anything that pisses us off more than seeing celebrities receive cars that they are not capable of driving.  Paris Hilton is a perfect example.  This week she received a brand new Lexus LFA for her 30th birthday.  Why!!!  Did we all forget that she painted a Bentley pink? Recently […]

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Why Eminem Wants You To Buy A Chrysler 200

By | February 9, 2011

If you are one of the 111 Million viewers of the Super Bowl last Sunday it is a guarantee that you saw many of the hilarious commercials.  Despite all the tongue in cheek comedy of the Doritos commercials and the Volkswagen dark side of the force key-less entry promo, it is the more serious Chrysler […]

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Travis Hanson Dominates SNO*Drift 2011

By | February 2, 2011

Ask any bloke off the streets in a sovereign state what rally racing is, and you will quickly get a break down of racers, cars, driving techniques and the current point standings.  Pulling the same stunt within our 50 states typically results in a blank stare.  But for the few thousand die-hard fans in Michigan […]

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