Auto Soup: Pastrana Goes Nascar, Lots of Lambo, Gran Turismo 5, & A Nice RAK

By | November 13, 2010

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Soup’s up boys and girls, and it’s been a busy, busy week:

Pastrana-Waltrip RacingTravis Pastrana Goes To Nascar

Let’s face it- there’s no way to sugar coat this one. Rally driving icon Travis Pastrana has professed his love for pavement only tracks and left turns by announcing that he will participate in the full 2011 Nascar season.

And by participate, we don’t just mean drive. Pastrana has shown his sudden and unexplainable commitment to Nascar by partnering with Michael Waltrip to form Pastrana-Waltrip Racing. Color us stunned. In fact, the only way to convey our thoughts on Pastrana’s bizarre move is to resort to language that a 14-year-old girl would understand: WTF Travis?

Lamborghini AventadorLamborghini Jota Officially Named Aventador

Everyone knows that Lamborghini set the standard for pairing their cars with exotic names that are not only are impossible to spell but make it hard to fit it in writing anywhere on the car (Lamborghini Murchielago LP670-4 SV…need I say more?).

Now we’ve learned that the raging bull’s newest creation, unofficially dubbed “JOTA” in pre-production spy shots, will be forever known as… the Aventador. On top of sounding like a HVAC parts manufacturer, the Aventador means either “one who dares” (according to Jalopnik) or “budget cuts forced us to fire our naming guy” (according to us).

Sesto ElementoLamborghini Sesto Elemento To See “Production”

On the topic of Lamborghinis, their new carbon fiber saw blade known as the Sesto Elemento will see “production” as the company announced plans to build a meager ten units. Yup, just ten units. If you ask us, it seems ridiculous to put so much effort and design time into producing such a stunning car and then take it away from all of the other 589 Ferrari 599 GTO owners who’ll want one in their garage to complete their collection.

But don’t worry- if you are one of those 599 GTO owners who wants a Sesto Elemento, we’re pretty sure there won’t be mobs of people fighting to meet the massive $3.4 million price tag. But hey, compared to the price of Bugattis lately, that’s a bargain!

Pagani Zonda RAKRAK Shows Some Skin

Remember that mysterious Pagani Zonda RAK we covered a few weeks back? Turns out it decided to show some skin and of the million limited edition color scheme Zondas out there, this one takes the cake in the good looks department.

Gran Turismo 5 On Sale Nov. 24th

This time, the developer swears this date is official! And we’re officially taking bets that it’ll be the hot gift for Christmas 2011. Here’s to keeping our fingers crossed!

[Chad Waite, Autoblog & Jalopnik]

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