Auto Soup: “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” Edition

By | April 9, 2011

Webster’s Dictionary defines Auto Soup as the car news that isn’t really news but should be included on a car news website at some point because it’s pretty awesome. Time for another bowl:

The Good- Ferrari 458 Challenge Video: Among the many race series to make it to Miller Motorsports Park last year, Ferrari Challenge was our pick ‘o the litter. Besides capturing the first pictures of the Ferrari 458 Italia in North America, we also watched as the series started its final year of using the F430 Challenge car in the races, soon to be replaced by the way sexier 458 Challenge. That change isn’t just skin deep though, at least not according to this dash cam video of a new 458 Challenge car running around Monza and blitzing the outgoing F430s on the track.

The Bad- Tata To Double Nano Production: We’ll be the first to admit that we probably make fun of the Smart Fortwo far too much. Yes, the horse is dead, but we’ll probably keep kicking for a long, long time. But as terrible and hideous as the car still is, the Tata Nano makes the Smart Fortwo about as nice to look at as Kim Kardashian’s backside. Unfortunately, the Nano is only becoming more popular as Tata has stated it will double production due to a recent hike in sales. The Indian automaker said that it will boost current production numbers of about 10,000 units per month to 20,000 in the near future, continuing its goal of world domination with vehicles that are essentially Radio Flyers with a small engine. Oh ya, and a stupid name that means…well, you know….

Tata Nano City Car

The Ugly- What The Hell Is That? There’s not loads of info on this one, so we’ll explain it as a simple math equation. Lamborghini Diablo + owner with way too much money and no active sex life = a church organ on a raging bull.

Ruined Lamborghini Diablo

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