Auto Soup: ‘Why Can’t I Be Shaun White’ Edition

By | January 30, 2011

A couple of weeks have passed since our last edition of Auto Soup, our makeshift way of catching you (and us) up on the noteworthy automotive news that didn’t quite make the cut for a full-blown article. Or we didn’t have enough man power to cover it. Or we just forgot. So like us on Facebook (to the right, folks) and enjoy some Auto Soup:

James May’s Cat Dies: This first article was initially going to cover the very hot and very new Ferrari F150 F1 car that was revealed just a couple days ago. But then we got word that James May’s cat has recently passed away when it was, ironically enough, hit by a car. Our hearts go out to James and his cat. May he find some comfort as he passes his time away in his Lego house…oh wait, that died too. [Top Gear]

2012 VW Beetle

VW’s New (offensive) Beetle: For those who have asked the timeless question ‘what would happen if a PT Cruiser made love to a VW Beetle‘, here is your answer. It’s the new(est) version of VW’s Bug revamp and if you thought the old new one what bad, this is nothing short of staring into the sun for a couple of minutes. [Autoblog]

Shaun White Learns To Race Cars: For the king of doing extremes, there is just one thing that remains for Shaun White to try: a manual transmission, something he openly admits that he completely sucks at. So, in a program labeled ‘Upgrading Drivers’, BF Goodrich has decided to take several well known names that have accomplished great things in their life and teach them how to drive and race a manual transmission car, what we consider the most elemental of skills. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that BF Goodrich will take full advantage of the Shaun White face time, opting to document Shaun’s experiences in a multi-part online series that can conveniently be found on the BF Goodrich/Shaun White website.

Noble M600

Noble M600 Finally Ready For Production! Good news, everyone! Noble has finally announced that it’s M600 supercar is ago for production. The bad news? You’ll never see one in real life, partly due to the $270,000 price tag and partly because it’s built by a guy in a shed (unabomber?) so production numbers will be very slilm. [Top Gear]

[Chad Waite]

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