AutoCar Pits The McLaren MP4-12C vs. F1 GTR

By | March 19, 2011


McLaren MP4--12C vs McLaren F1 GTR

Here’s a video of AutoCar’s comparison of the McLaren F1 GTR vs their MP4-12C newcomer. The video is great. I’d go into more detail but I won’t because:

1. The video is only 4 minutes long so you should watch it for yourself.

2. I just wrote a whole post on how this video is excellent and that AutoCar doesn’t really tell which one is better, instead saying only both are unique machines, but WordPress decided to delete my post and my saved draft of that blog post. And being 10:00pm on a Saturday night, I’ve about as much desire to write it again as Charlie Sheen does to stop #winning with coke lines and rubber free fun-time with “classy” porn stars.

PS- The F1 GTR is still better, says us.

[Chad Waite, AutoCar via YouTube]


AJ Wilcox on March 20, 2011 at 4:18 pm.

I love how journalists are able to take a video like that, and put a title like “Which is Better? The McLaren MP4-12C or the F1 Racecar?” and then not ever come to a conclusion.

Fuske_aja on April 24, 2011 at 5:14 am.

long time to find this video. Thanks for sharing

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