AutoSoup: Eterniti Builds A Cayenne + Three Hot Supercar Videos Editon

By | September 12, 2011

Mmmm AutoSoup. Now complete with chunky delicious videos!

Eterniti Builds A Cayenne:

Eterniti Hemera

A couple weeks ago we got all sorts of skeptical over a new luxury car maker from London called Eterniti. They claimed that their new uber lux super SUV called the Hermera would deliver the finest in luxury and performance but gave us nothing but a short teaser to go off of. Now, they’ve finally revealed the Hemroid in all of it’s glor….. wait….. isn’t that just a Porsche Cayenne?

Yes, Eterniti has build a bubbly and bulging Cayenne clone (not a good think in our books), but they’ve also delivered on the super in the “super SUV”. Under this Porsche-esk exterior is an engine that will deliver 620 horsepower good for a shockingly quick 180mph. Catering to the luxury side of things is an interior that will feature rear reclining seats, drink chillers, iPads and a built in megaphone for shouting down at ordinary bespoke Rolls-Royces.

Do you think Eterniti has knocked one out of the park with their Hermera or is this just a vehicle for rich tools?

The Car Show Races Former Supercars vs. All-Time Best Sellers:

What happens when you take a Ferrari 308 and drag race it with a Toyota Camry? How about a DeLorean DMC12 and a Toyota Sienna minivan? Just like Robert Redford’s face, time has not been kind to the old supercars. Watch for yourself:

The Hennessey Venom GT Is Fast & Powerful Beyond Our Wildest Imaginations:

The Hennessey Venom GT started out life as a car tuner’s overly powerful, super light pipe dream. This video proves it still is. Honestly, I’ve never ever seen acceleration like that from any other car. Texas-based Hennessey says the same thing, claiming that if they had enough road, the car could keep accelerating to 275 mph. Looks like Texas is going to need to up their speed limit again.

This is what happens when 11 supercars decide to drag race at the same time:

Honestly, if you ever needed a reason to buy a Nissan GT-R, this should suffice. Thank you MotorTrend.


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