AutoSoup: Hybrid Enzo Successor, ZL1 ‘Ring Laps, & Top Gear USA Goes British

By | October 9, 2011

Nothing warms the soul quite like a hot bowl of AutoSoup:

Enzo Successor Will Be A Hybrid

Ferrari F70If you’ve been a hold out to the whole ‘performance hybrid car’ movement like we have, it’s probably time to give in and jump on the bandwagon. Why? Because the next-gen replacement of a car synonymous with performance- the Ferrari Enzo- will definitely, positively, absolutely be a hybrid vehicle according to Ferrari in a recent Car & Driver article. Don’t panic too much though because performance is still the name of the game. The car will still retain a massive fuel sucking V12 engine paired with a hybrid powertrain that should be good for a lot of power. There’s even talk of making the use of experimental 599 HY-KERS (think kinetic recovery system) to give the car a temporary boost of extra power. We’re going to go out on a limb here and guess that environmental sustainability isn’t the primary reason for this whole hybrid direction….

Camaro ZL1 Laps Ring In 7:41

On the complete opposite end of the hybrid/fuel economy spectrum is the Chevy Camaro ZL1, a 570+ horsepower V8 American muscle car that may not be quite as American as we thought. That’s because the car can go around corners, and pretty well, too. To prove this, Chevy sent the ZL1 around 154  of then at Germany’s Nurburgring and came home with a shockingly quick lap time of 7:41. That’s Porsche Turbo S and Lamborghini Murciélago territory.Video or it didn’t happen!

Top Gear USA To Show In UK

Jeremy Clarkson, ready your DVR! It looks like the American counterpart to the best motoring show ever made is heading back to the motherland as Top Gear USA prepares to air in the United Kingdom starting October 13th. Um…ok. This obviously begs the question, is there any demand for it over there? According to a completely made up poll in my head, 100% of everyone who has seen both series knows the original Top Gear is still far, far better than any spin off series no matter how similar the cinematography and test driver’s names are. Surely no one will know this more than the Brits. Whatever. At least they don’t have to suffer through any Michael Bay movies like we do here (the new Transformers really, really, really, really sucked).

Michael Bay Doesn’t Know What A Plot Is

Ok, now that I’ve just mentioned it I’m all hot and bothered again over the new Transformers movie. The first 6 minutes was epic. It was so, so, so great and despite my common sense throwing up warnings I thought “hey, this is shaping up to be pretty good”. Then came the rest of the movie. How the hell is it that Michael Bay can take guns, explosions, a Ferrari 458, a Chevy Camaro, F22 Raptors, half naked women, and a U.S. bailout worth of computer graphics and still make such a sucky ass movie? Seriously, all of those elements should appeal by genetic default to half the world’s population (aka men). How did Bay manage to screw it up so bad?

[Chad Waite]

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