AutoSoup: Tesla Model S Price, BMW’s New M5, and McLaren’s MP4-12C GT3

By | March 12, 2011

Mmmmm, AutoSoup. Just like real soup, without the soup part.

Telsa Model S Electric Car

Tesla Model S Priced…Reasonably? Of course that’s our opinion, but for the sportiest looking electric car aimed at the family man on the market to date, a base price of $57,000 seems…well, kinda reasonable actually. And that’s before the $7,500 tax credit you get for driving a car that will trade foreign oil dependency for foreign battery material dependency and stop Greenland from melting. Of course, Tesla’s $57k price tag is just for the base model with a range of 160 miles. Opting for the 300 mile range Model S will up the sticker another $20,000. Greenland may be melting a bit longer…

BMW’s 2012 M5 Shows Its Face: BMW’s new M5 is getting ever closer to its 2012 production launch, and like any other new BMW model, the pre-launch buildup has been¬†excruciatingly slow and incredibly minimal for some time now (just like the new 5-series and M1). However, here are several pictures of the new M5 being tested on some ice (obviously not Greenland- it’s melting) with absolutely no BMW PR team intervention. Well, that’s if you exclude the disguise swirlies. Still, as awful as bearing through yet another terribly slow vehicle launch from BMW may be, the new 2012 M5′s twin-turbo V8- good for a juicy 550hp- may just be worth the wait.

McLaren MP4-12C GT3

McLaren’s Uber Hot MP4-12C GT3: Honestly, what a banner year for GT cars. Ferrari reveals the super hot 458 GT2. Porsche then answers with the¬†911 GT3 RSR. Private time was then need with pictures of the one-of-a-kind Lancia Stratos GT2. Now McLaren has entered the scene, unleashing their new race-ready MP4-12C GT3. We’re not huge fans of the aesthetics of the base car, but we can respect its crazy numbers including the price. This GT3 version is wider, lower, features a Boeing 747 wing on the back, and will be competing in select races this season…just none at Miller Motorsports Park.

[Chad Waite]

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