Back to the Future: Disappearing Door Edition

By | July 1, 2011

Throughout the years we have witnessed many innovations in automotive technology geared at making life safer and easier behind the wheel. Technologies like radar guided cruise control, self-stopping brake assist, blind spot notification and more. How then did we miss Jatech’s Disappearing Car Door?

Take a peek at the video above and behold the glory that is the disappearing door. We particularly love the mid-to-late 90′s attire and of course the obligatory use of the then futuristic looking Lincoln Mark VIII. The obvious benefits of such a forward thinking innovation include:

  • Freedom from door dings. (That is only if the person parked next to you has the disappearing door or a Lamborghini)
  • Ease of entry for the power skirt wearing female professional.
  • And of course ease of access to the rear seat for your country club hopping friends.

Jatech claims that this innovative design does not compromise the structural integrity or ride height of the vehicle. We think it looks like every senior citizen’s dream! Just imagine how easy it would be for them to jump from the Jazzy to the Lincoln with this sliding door.

We do have to question what safety measures are included to help prevent the sliding door from severing off little Johnny’s fingers while he plays too close to the closing door. Or what if you park on uneven pavement; will it shred the door or high center the vehicle? But who really cares about these plebeian concerns when you can exit your car with such royal finesse. We don’t know about you, but we’re running to our Motorola MicroTAC bricks right now to order our own disappearing doors!

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