Become a Prototype Test Driver for $1 Million

By | January 3, 2011

Enzo Test Mule

What’s a billionaire car collector to do when there’s already a Zonda R, Reventon, and an Enzo in every color residing in your heated garage? Buy a Ferrari test mule, that’s what you do. The super sleuths at Autoblog recently came across internet gold in the form of a re-purposed Ferrari 348/355 used as an actual Enzo test mule. We’ve seen almost every Ferrari creation ever produced in the flesh, but never an actual test mule.

Rarely does a car created solely for R&D come up for sale and almost never from the stables of the prancing horse. Just looking at this beast one can see the Enzo hiding within the 348 skin. The elongated wheel base, ├╝ber wide rear end, and the tell-tale quad exhaust tips hint that there’s a bit more “junk in the trunk”. That “junk” is a slightly watered down 670 horse V12 taken from Ferrari’s extensive Formula 1 engine program. This Enzo mule also comes complete with a 6 speed Flappy paddle transmission and all the interior goodness that a standard 348 had to offer.

Enzo Test MuleEnzo Test Interior

Just in case the massive V-12, stretched and widened wheel base, and the flappy paddle tranny weren’t enough to convince you of this test mule’s authenticity, Ferrari has conveniently identified it as such on the VIN plate. The seller also claims this to be the only working test car for Enzo production to come from the Ferrari factory in Maranello.

Ferrari Test Mule VIN

Now is your chance to own a piece of supercar history for just a bit cheaper than an actual Enzo. We look at it as a chance to own the ultimate “sleeper” Ferrari. The poor chap in the Carrera GT will never know what hit him!

Enzo EngineFerrari Test Car

[Brandon Christiansen, Modena Motorsport]

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Chad Waite on January 3, 2011 at 8:52 pm.

“The poor chap in the Carrera GT will never know what hit him!” That’s funny right there.

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