Blip: Eterniti Motors (Who?) Wants YOU To Get Excited Over Their Unknown Brand

By | August 16, 2011

Eterniti Hemera

Eterniti Hemera

Hi reader. Meet Eterniti Motors, the newest player in the luxury car segment that apparently has high hopes, lofty goals and no money for a good marketing team. Based out of London, Eterniti will debut their 4-wheeled creation called the Hemera at the Frankfurt International Motorshow Sept. 14. According to the “we’re so cool we don’t even need to give you any info about our company” flash video intro on Eterniti’s website, the Hermera isn’t a car but a storm of limitless force that will hit you. Hmmm. Based on that information I think they’ve misnamed it- I would have called it the Eterniti Domestic Violence.

But then take one glance at the mock up sketch of the Hermione and it becomes¬†abundantly¬†clear that the name of the car suddenly doesn’t really matter. Apparently Eterniti wanted to create a motorized door wedge on dope 20 inch blades with Juila Roberts’ mouth at the front.

Yes, I realize I’m probably being far too judgmental here, but for good reason. The last time I saw a video hype up an end product like this was the trailer for Hangover II, and we all know how that turned out. Guess we’ll just hold our breath till September 14th.

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