Blip: Ferrari’s Upcoming F620 Will Be Unveiled At Geneva

By | February 8, 2012

White and red Ferrari 599 GTO at SEMA

Ferrari’s exceptional 599 will be retired soon and its successor will officially debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month. Bitter and sweet all at the same time, but the 599 has lived a good life since first being produced in 2006 and spawning numerous spin-offs like the SA Aptera and the GTO, a powerhouse of a car that will kill you if you drive it in the rain or on any wet road.

Ferrari’s replacement is being called the F620 and besides sounding like a machine that could take off of an aircraft carrier, it’s expected to carry over some of the essential features from the 599- no, this car will not have all-wheel-drive. If you’re thinking “that’s stupid”, clearly you misunderstand Ferraris and should be content with the new FF, a Subaru Outback, or a pack mule.

Driven wheels aside, the one similarity the F620 should have with the FF is the huge 700 naturally aspirated horsepower coming from a direct injected Italian V12 underneath what will be a massive front bonnet.

Of course, the non-speculated details are set to come next month at Geneva, so Ferrari fans won’t have to wait too much long to get a glimpse of the next Maranello vehicle they can’t afford.


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AJ Wilcox on February 8, 2012 at 6:50 pm.

OMG Omg omg. I can’t wait!

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