BMW 6 Series Concept – Please Let it Stay a Concept

By | September 19, 2010

bmw 6 series concept

You remember the first time you saw the previous 6 series‘ bangle butt (Thanks Chris Bangle) for the first time and you asked yourself, “WTF? BMW? BBQ!”? Well BMW, apparently not out to make a splash this time with the new 6 series, brings us shots of the new 6 series concept from Paris.

Now, we’re not complaining, per se. It’s definitely not ugly, and we must thank them for skipping Sir-Mix-a-Lot’s advice and relieving the car of it’s “much back”. The fact of the matter is that BMW is capable of making truly beautiful cars, and it feels like they missed the opportunity for this one.

The 6 series is deserving of a bit of opulence. Think about it, it’s one of the useless cars in the BMW lineup (X3, X5 and X6 – c’mon. 2 of you are superfluous). If you want something sporty and fast, the M3, M5, and Z4 are great options. If you want something that pampers you, the 7 series will do that better. The only reason we can see to have a 6 series is when you want something that hovers between segments, and you want it to be the only one in the neighborhood.

BMW apparently decided to skip the looks that provide daily double takes, and go with the love child between a 3-series and the Toyota Avalon. It’s not ugly, and it doesn’t appear to have any cancerous growths anywhere, but it’s definitely not “wow”.

BMW, if you do decide to start pumping these out in the factory as-is, just do us a favor, and keep the in-body exhaust. The world will welcome the new 6 series within the next 6 months, and WE will welcome the hot M6 in 2012.

[AJ Wilcox | AutoBlog]

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