Breaking: Full Hennessey Venom GT Details On March 30th

By | March 15, 2010

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Imagine this: a Lotus Elise turned from lightweight track car to ultra-fast supercar. Then throw in a few power options: How about 725 hp? Why not a smooth 1000? Lets really ‘wow’ some folks with 1250hp.

This is, of course, no hypothetical situation. These are the teaser details on the newest Hennessey car called the Venom GT. In a video released just moments ago, the modification company announced that full details will be revealed on March 30th. March 30th? Could it be that we’ve all been duped just in time for April Fool’s Day?

Not likely.

The Venom GT represents the first car built by– not just tuned by– Hennessey, so all of this hype has to deliver something beyond perfect. Guess we’ll see come the end of March…

[TeamSpeed/YouTube, Chad Waite]

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Martin Sturrock on March 16, 2010 at 8:39 pm.

1250BHP?!?! How the hell are they going to lay that down without peeling all the tread off the tires. Seems unrealistic and pointless…I do hope they prove me wrong though

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