British Men’s #1 Dream Job: A Top Gear Presenter Of Course

By | July 16, 2011

Top Gear PresentersWhen 1,400 British men were asked what they’re dream job would be, 29% all said the exact same thing: a presenter on Top Gear. No bombshell there, and we’re pretty sure a good portion of us yanks stateside would give the same response. Hell, we even took becoming a Top Gear presenter into our own hands at one point with our 1992 Ford Escort review.

The funny part is the fact that typical childhood dream professions have been but on the backburner for the position as host on Top Gear. For example, becoming a professional sports player came in third with 24% of the vote. The quintessential kid’s dream job of being a fireman took sixth place with 17% following and F1 driver with 19% for fifth place.

So what do you say to the person who is genuinely wanting and preparing to become the next James May, Richard Hammond, or even Jeremy Clarkson? Be something more realistic like professional sports player or F1 driver. Definitely not your everyday career advice.


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