Buick Riviera: GM Reregisters Coupe’s Name

By | June 30, 2012

64' Riviera

It’s been 13 years since the Buick Riviera has been terrorizing the streets.  Unfortunately for anyone unlucky enough to experience the late model personal luxury coupe from Buick, it was terrorizing the streets in the wrong way.  The bulbous Buick  that was the final Riviera is easily one of the ugliest cars on the road.

According to Motor Trend, General Motors has renewed its registration of the Riviera badge.  While you might have nightmares just thinking about it let’s look at what a future Riviera has to offer and of course what the Riviera once was.

The Riviera first showed up as its own model under the Buick nameplate in 1963 and like most other cars of that era it had all the right lines in all the right places.  Powered by the monstrous V8′s of the day, the Riviera’s of the 1960′s and 1970′s were legitimate luxury muscle cars.  Following the trend of the decades however, the Riviera became underpowered by the time the early 70′s hit and continued the downward spiral into the 80′s where most cars were accompanied by looks only a mother could love.

The Riviera stuck around for a long time and unfortunately so.  Ending production in 1999 the Riviera went through 8 generations, with the majority of them tarnishing the image of the originals that fit right in at classic car shows and museums.  The final iteration of the Riviera looks more a kin to Moby Dick than a luxury coupe.

Needless to say, if GM is going to bring back the Riviera name it had better do it with a blind eye to the some of the more recent Buick coupes.  Taking a look at what GM has in its resource pool, there should be a couple of pretty good options for the new age Riviera.  Rumor has it (sorry for getting the song stuck in your head) that GM is toying with a four-dour coupe like the Audi A7, probably based off of the Cadillac CTS platform.  Other options that we see as viable alternatives would be the RWD Camaro platform, preferably more extensive than just a re-badged Buick.  It’s hard to say what Buick will turn out on this one but if they can keep Buick on the Cadillac track it should be pretty good.  If the new Riviera has any resemblance of its most recent predecessor, our very own Brandon Christiansen has vowed to send Buick a bag of his own vomit.  Buick – you have been warned.

Source: Motor Trend



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