Buy Rutledge Wood’s Roadmaster Wagon

By | November 30, 2011

Rutledge Wood's Roadmaster Wagon

Today over Twitter, Rutledge Wood announced he is putting the Roadmaster wagon up for sale on Craigslist.

Many of you will remember Rutledge falling in love with a Roadmaster during one of Top Gear USA’s first season’s challenges. He loved it so much that he bought a slammed, 1996, LT1-powered Roadmaster.

That car is now up for sale as his wife has had enough of it. His loss is your gain – if you’re a wagon lover, that is.

We spoke with him about the sale. He didn’t mention the name of the owner (which with celebrity-owned cars, usually inflates the price a bit.) Aside from having an awesome memory, he’s also not greedy and just wants out of it what he put into it.

$6,500, and you can have Rutledge’s Corvette-powered comfort wagon.

[ | Craigslist | Rutledge Wood]

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