Buy Your Next Electric Vehicle at Best Buy

By | May 9, 2011

Nissan Leaf Best BuyOver that last decade auto manufacturers have been bringing the gadgets you find in electronic stores like Best Buy to the interiors of your cars. Now, in a strange turn, automakers may be bringing those cars to Best Buy. Well, at least the all-electric ones.

According to Automotive News- you know, the lame place that requires you have a paid subscription to access their website- Best Buy is eying the possibility of starting electric vehicle (EV) sales and service. Yay! Now the GeekSquad guys who can’t fix your computer will now be able to work on your car. Everyone likes them, right?

Currently the list of EVs available in the United States is relatively small, with the only real mainstream vehicle being the Nissan Leaf. There’s no word yet if a car like the Chevy Volt would be on their list of vehicles to sell and we doubt that BMW will be open to the idea of leasing their upcoming electric 1-Series through a major appliance chain.

One thing is clear though. The addition of EVs to Best Buy’s product offering certainly has the potential to send the price of those spur-of-the-moment electronic shopping sprees through the roof. But really, who wants to buy one of those?

[Automotive News via AutoBlog]

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Party Bus DC on May 11, 2011 at 9:26 am.

Popularizing electric vehicles is requiring a lot of out-of-the-box
thinking, because American consumers still aren’t quite sure about tiny
cars that only operate on batteries and run out of juice after just 50
or 75 miles — no matter where you are.

Increasingly, more of that fresh thinking is coming from outside the
auto industry. Electric utilities, real estate developers and others are
experimenting, for instance, with how to dot enough charging stations
around a metro area to create electricity availability that would make
EV purchasers comfortable about “range anxiety.”

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