C7 Corvette Revealed: ETA 2014

By | January 12, 2013

Out of the hundreds of cars that have been called my favorite, the Chevrolet Corvette tends to be one of my favoritest favorites.  My favorite car changes with my mood and I can be moodier than a pregnant woman in a dingy on a choppy sea.  Mood swings aside, my favorite ride tends to be bow tie and checkered flag related quite frequently.

2014 Chevrolet CorvetteCorvette generations tend to have a longer life expectancy than most models.  The Corvette has been around for over 60 years now and 2014 will mark just the 7th generation of Corvette.  There have been some ups and downs in Corvette history but no generation has been more anticipated than the upcoming C7.  Many renderings and guesses have been made, attempting to predict what the new C7 would look like.  Would it be retro or a completely new design?  Sideswipe, a character in the more recent Transformers movie was a pretty good look into a solid C7 concept.

Sunday marks the premier of the 2013 Detroit Auto Show.  Probably the most appropriate place to unveil Detroit’s premier sports car since the early 1950′s.  The new Corvette will be unveiled there.  Until then, Automobile Magazine has been privileged with the first peek at what the C7 will look like.  From what you can see here, it is clearly Corvette.  The tell tale quad tailpipes boast big power, while the traditionally separate taillights have been cut to two but still have that quad light look that is clearly related to the Camaro.

The C7 will certainly be its own machine, full of the best tech that 2014 has to offer.  From a design perspective, I’m glad to see a hint of heritage in the design.  The C2 Corvette’s flowing lines and angled rear window are clearly evident here and I give it two thumbs up.  The C2 is one of the most beautiful cars ever created and the C7 can only benefit from its inspiration.  Tune into the 2013 Detroit Auto Show Sunday night and bring the popcorn.  It’s sure to be epic.

Source: MotorAuthority

Click here to witness the reveal of the 2014 C7 Corvette


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