Car & Comedy Lovers Rejoice: Jay Leno Coming to SLC

By | July 8, 2012

Jay Leno in Salt Lake

Car guys usually have a pretty good sense of humor. We haven’t met many gearheads that don’t appreciate Jay Leno. Not only is he hilarious, but he’s a down and dirty gas guzzler like all of us. He’s coming to SLC this Saturday, July 14th for an event called “Cars and Conversation”.

Where: Kingsbury Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah
When: July 14, 2012 at 8:00pm
How Much: Depending on the seats, between $19.95 – $59.95

Jay Leno will chat on stage with Ken Gross, the curator for the current exhibit Speed: The Art of the Performance Automobile (Exhibiting through Sept 16, 2012) at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.

Immediately following the entertainment, the audience will be involved in a Q&A session with Leno. We hope he does “Headlines”.

And, if you can’t get enough Leno, for $200, you can purchase the “Hoods Up!” bundle, which includes refreshments and private, informal time with Jay Leno in the galleries of the exhibit with the hoods up on the exhibit cars (the only time that will happen). Supplies are limited, so if your left-over Christmas and Birthday money needs a home, act quickly.

You can purchase directly from Smith’s Tix.

For more information, check out


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