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We Spotted A 2015 Mustang And It Was Used For This

By | April 30, 2014

One of our resident photographers, Chance Hales, happened across a 2015 Ford Mustang a couple of months ago while at the gas station.  Striking him as odd that a 2015 Mustang was being toted around on a car hauler before it was even available at dealers he followed it. Stopping in Payson, Utah he was […]

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Jeff Gordon And Pepsi Max #TestDrive2

By | February 27, 2014

We automotive journalists can be pretty skeptical cats.  It’s no surprise that there were a few eyebrows knitted when Jeff Gordon, disguised as your average minivan driving, middle class American, took a car salesman on the ride of his life.  Cursing and issuing threats to the undercover Gordon, the captive salesman held on for dear […]

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California’s Own Transmission Star

By | May 2, 2013

“Hey Baby, how does your car run?  Do you have a trouble with your transmission?”  If you are a babe and can answer yes to that question, Goorgen is the man for you.  Transmission repair commercials are few and far between… in fact I’m having a really hard time thinking of any others.  No matter, […]

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The Hot, Not-For-America Audi RS4 Avant Goes….Paintballing…?

By | February 28, 2013

Audi is known for their super hot cars in Europe that are unobtainable forbidden fruit to us ‘Mericans. Case and point- the new B8 Audi RS4 Avant, a vehicle that checks each box on a petrolhead’s list paired with the practicality of a beige wagon for the family. It other words it’s exactly what you […]

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The 2013 Super Bowl Car Commercial Master List (w/ Poll)

By | February 4, 2013

Every year the world unites over a single game of football, copious amounts of appetizers and greasy food, and a brief moment where the majority purpose of watching television is to view the advertisements. We’re talking Super Bowl commercials, baby! And every year, car companies spend absurd amounts of money- $4 million for 30 seconds to be […]

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The Kia Optima Dunk (Attempt)

By | March 5, 2012

While we’re on the Kia Optima topic, we might as well review it’s recent celebrity encounters.  Whether you love or hate the Optima’s styling, you have to admit that Blake Griffin made the car look pretty cool in last years slam dunk contest.  Receiving a pass through the moon roof, Blake performed a spectacular dunk […]

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