Color Tires May Become The Next CarLashes

By | December 15, 2011

Colored Tires

The first time we ever saw a car with a set of CarLashes plastered to its headlights, it became immediately apparent that we were witnessing the start of a tend that wasn’t going to go away, as unfortunate as that was. Here, today, we are at the dawn of yet another trend that is as awful as it is odd- completely colored tires.

Now we’re not talking about the type of cool, old-styled white walls tires that would ring Andy William’s nostalgia bell. We’re talking about tires that are completely red, pink, blue or green from sidewall to sidewall. This is all thanks to the folks at Double Star Tires of China, who have dubbed these new colored tires the ‘Rainbow’ line and said they’ll be only slightly more pricey than your normal, run ‘o the mill black tires. We have an unsettling feeling that this is going to be a huge, huge, huge hit in the near future. Now, all the middle-aged women behind the wheel of a Mary Kay Cadillac with Car Lashes can get their tires in a matching pink. Who wouldn’t love that?

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[Car News China]

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