The Concepts of the 2014 Beijing Motor Show

By | May 6, 2014


Yes, yes, the New York Auto Show was only about two weeks ago but Beijing just couldn’t wait!  The Beijing Motor Show is one of the lesser auto shows on the circuit but that doesn’t make it any less important.  Not much new was previewed in Beijing but they did have a few exclusive concepts that we will be bringing to you.

BMW Vision Future Luxury

BMW starts us off in our recap with their Vision Future Luxury Concept.  Technically, the concept is purely a design study but if you squint a little you can see a future 7 Series in there.  The signature kidney grilles are massive and flanked by ultra thin LED headlamps and shares some basic styling features as the current range of models.  Being a concept there is no engine details available but there was a clue left on the back of the car in the form of an emblem which reads, “eDrive” which could indicate some type of hybrid system.

Peugeot 2008 DKR


Over the last ten years Peugeot has been off and on in the world of motorsport.  When they’ve been on they’ve dominated whatever series they are racing in.  There was the 908 LMP1 and more recently the 206 T16 which blitzed the Pikes Peak Hill Climb record last year at the hands of Sebastien Loeb.  This year they are aiming at the Dakar Rally with their new 2008 DKR.  This 2008 bares little resemblance to the road going version on which it is based.  It is now all-wheel drive, lifted, and wears monstrous 37 inch tires.  The engine of choice has yet to be announced but given the competition, the diesel powered Mini Countryman, we’d expect to see a similar drivetrain.  The 2008 DKR will be driven by two-time World Rally champion, Carlos Sainz.

Honda Concept B Hybrid


Honda brought out their new Concept B Hybrid.  The hornet-like front end is full of detail and is very busy.  The 5-door hatchback design is purely a design study but Honda says the platform it is built on will go into production in two years exclusively for the Chinese market.  If the design language goes into production we expect it will be a dulled down some and would likely be used for a new Insight or Accord.

Nissan Lannia Concept


Nissan‘s styling has gotten funkier and funkier over the past 10 years.  More recently they have gone from cutesy to angular and aggressive.  The Lannia Concept is no exception.  The sedan fastback design uses a IDx-like C-pillar design while the rest looks true to the current range of models.  The Lannia was “designed by Chinese, built by Chinese for the Chinese people, and ultimately, for the world,” according to Product Manager, Andy Palmer.  Nissan also says they are targeting the hipster generation.  With that in mind, it could slot between the Versa and the Sentra and take on a Scion-like approach with no-frills but lots of aftermarket accessories.

Audi TT Offroad Concept


If you’ve been following the auto shows this Audi may look familiar to you.  At the Detroit Auto Show we saw the Audi Allroad Shooting Brake Concept.  Since then it has grown two doors and is now in flashy, yellow clothes.  That is actually the only difference between the Allroad Shooting Brake and this TT Offroad Concept.  It is powered by a 292 hp 2.0 turbo four which is coupled with two electric motors for a combined 408 hp making it the latest e-Tron to come from Ingolstadt.  Even with all that grunt, Audi says it will achieve 123 mpg.

That will wrap up the Beijing Auto Show.  The auto show circuit will be taking a short break for summer and then it will be off to the Moscow Motor Show in late August.

Photos: Autoblog


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