Concours d’Elegance Utah 2012: Sunday Day 2

By | October 9, 2012

1967 Ferrari 365 California Spider and a Ferrari F40 at Sundance, UTI missed the actual event at Thanksgiving Point but when I heard about the cars going to The Sundance Resort via American Fork Canyon I made it a point to go!  After hearing from both Mike and AJ about some of the amazing classic cars in attendance my wife and I made the drive up to Sundance.  The Gardens at Thanksgiving Point is a great location for the event and The Sundance Resort offered an amazing backdrop with the fall colors nearly in full force along the Wasatch Front.

My wife and I drove in, found a place to park and roamed the resort for a few minutes.  After walking around for a bit we headed back to the car disappointed since we didn’t see the cars.  But then, all of a sudden I heard a rumbling noise echoing through the canyon.  I looked up and saw a small group of cars driving down the hill, police escort and tow truck included!  The first car to pull in was a Willys Jeep with a matching trailer.  It by far was the oddball of the group of only seven cars.  Many of the owners participating didn’t want to risk driving the narrow canyon road in their million dollar cars or want them overheating on the trip.  Next to pull in was a Hudson Hornet (he did what in his cup?!?).  This was a Best in Class winner in sedan form.  The next two cars were classic roadster rivals, a Kirkham Shelby Cobra and an Austin-Healey 3000.  Next came the talk of the Daily Derbi crew, the 1967 Ferrari 365 California Spyder.

This particular car was sitting on a 10 yr old restoration.  An interesting thing about this 1 of 16 car is that it wasn’t restored to original.  The interior was redone from white to tan and the retractable fog lights, which were included from the factory on most of the 365 Californias, were added on.  I was talking to someone in the crowd gathering around the cars after they parked at the bottom of the main ski run and the gentleman told me the car is worth about $1.2 million.  By California standards that’s cheap!  You’d spend at least double that if you are looking for a Ferris Buehler special 250 California.

The next car to roll in is one of the best Ferraris ever built, and according to the all-knowing Jeremy Clarkson, the best supercar ever, the F40.  Never having seen one rolling before it was an amazing site.  I was however, surprised at how quiet it was…  This particular F40 usually resides next to the rest of the Grand Slam group at Steve Harris Imports downtown.

Bringing up the rear was a turquoise 1956 Ford Thunderbird.  It too was in great shape.  After all, this is a Concours!  The owner took a liking to my dog we had with us and we got to talking and she informed us that they had bought the car that way.  The only thing it was missing was a matching hard top.  It is very interesting to me that this car is what saved the slow selling Corvette in the 50s.  Look which one is still around!

Although the group was small, it was quite a group.  I would have loved to have been seated in the front of that California with the F40 following up the canyon.  Maybe someday.

Photography by the Author

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