Confirmed! New C7 Corvette To Be Mid-Engine, Turbo’d V6?!

By | August 5, 2010

Corvette C6Whoa, talk about coming out of left field! Reports have surfaced that GM’s upcoming C7 Corvette will be ditching the traditional big V8, going to a leaner turbo’d V6, and ditching the whole “engine in the front thing” (because who does that anymore, right?)!

And before you start thinking that reports belong in the rumormill, consider this: Autocar was the first to report on this story, and they don’t usually throw something out there without having a pretty credible source. The source, you ask? A senior engineer over at Saab!

Besides those unexpected yet most excellent details, the source also revealed that Saab will be working on a double-clutch gearbox for the new C7 ‘Vette, capable of handing up to 590lbft of torque. Ladies and gentleman, that’s ZR1 territory!

We genuinely want to know what you think here! Do you like the idea of the classic American sports car taking a page from our cousins across the pond and putting the engine in back? Or is this a betrayal of motoring roots and heritage? Trust us, we’ll be following this story closely.

[Chad Waite, AutoCar]


StephAnn Knotts on August 6, 2010 at 1:19 am.

oh! this is going to be EXCITING! I think it’s going to be a good change! (not that I mind the current version…)

AJ on August 6, 2010 at 2:26 am.

It’s definitely straying from the traditional formula, and because the Corvette’s loyal following is such a big-power group, I don’t think it will go over well. Personally, I’m really excited. The engine is where it’s supposed to be, and a turbo six has lots of fun potential. Nice job, Chevy! I hope the V8 crowd welcomes it.

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