Daily Derbi’s Ride in the Top Gear Rolls

By | November 4, 2010

Top Gear Rolls Royce Phantom Taxi

If you remember, before the SEMA 2010 show started, we got word that Top Gear USA is running a buzz campaign to get people excited by bringing a bunch of hot exotics dressed up as taxis. We got REALLY excited when we found out that part of the promotion was ACTUALLY driving them like taxis.

That’s right, we hopped in the Top Gear Rolls Phantom taxi and did 85 down the side streets with a retired cop at the wheel. The curse of being a small group, we hopped in the Rolls that carries four, while the single seaters shuttle people around singly…maybe we’ll go again. :)

Among the other taxis were a Ferrari 458 Italia, McLaren SLR Merc, Lambo Murcielago, Camaro Firebreather, and the Porsche 911.

It should be said, the Lambo couldn’t handle the taxi duty, and had to duck out after a couple hours of taxi duty. Lesson learned: If you’re a taxi driver, stay away from Lambos.

Check out our pictures of the taxi service:

Top Gear Rolls, Camaro, and 458 Italia Taxis

Top Gear Ferrari 458 Italia Taxi

Top Gear Lamborghini Murcielago Taxi

Obviously, we apologize for the horrible photography – it was really hard to snap shots as they moved people in and out.

Ever wanted to know the acceleration difference between a Rolls carrying five versus just the driver? The Rolls Royce Phantom hit 85 on the same straight that the driver alone hit 105. A 20mph acceleration difference on the straight  from the weight of people in a 5,480lb car with over 600 lb/ft of torque? Yeah, we were stunned too.

Stay tuned – More to come from SEMA!

[AJ Wilcox]

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