Detroit Auto Show 2010: VW debuts possible Eos replacement concept

By | January 11, 2010

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Amid the 2010 Detroit Auto Show rife with wacky concepts, VW has managed to stick out and turn heads with their new sporty coupe concept. It’s certainly nothing eye popping, instead a sleek design not unlike a shortened 3-series coupe.

The amount of detail that has been put into this car suggests future plans for production. The exterior looks great but take a look at the stunning interior and nothing says “concept.” Beautiful, isn’t it? That beauty is taken even further after hearing that this little coupe could replace the VW Eos. And for the readers who are asking what an Eos is, there is one more reason for VW to put these into production and onto¬† the road.

As is to be expected from a entry level car, performance isn’t astounding. The coupe’s ace up the sleeve, however, lies with it’s hybrid system and dual clutch gear box. VW estimates a combined cycle of around 45 mpg- not a bad mark for driving a vehicle that shatters the current public image of a hybrid.

Of course the vehicle is still in concept mode, rendering all of these facts useless until production. And as rare as it is for The Daily Derbi to get excited over a concept car, we’d really like to see this one on the streets.

[via Autoblog]

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