Dyno Shootout at TurboLab in Orem UT

By | June 20, 2010

Shelby AC Cobra with NOS, 560 RWHP

TurboLab, a custom automotive tuner and turbo installer in Orem UT, held a dyno shootout over the weekend with some truly incredible cars in attendance. How incredible? Here is a small sample:

  • 2010 SS Camaro, Supercharged, 650 RWHP
  • 2009 Shelby GT500, 530 RWHP
  • Shelby AC Cobra Replica, 560 RWHP
  • Dodge Viper GTS, Supercharged, 660 RWHP
  • Toyota Supra, 1400 RWHP (Supposedly, I left before this one got on the dyno)
  • Dodge Viper, Twin Turbo, 800+ RWHP (Again, I left before this one ran)
  • First Gen SS RS Camaro, 540ci Merlin w/ Turbos, 648 RWHP

In addition to these, there were a number of other cars in attendance, including the STS ZR7 Corvette, an R34 Skyline GT-R, a first gen Skyline GT-R, a 2010 Shelby GT500, and at least a dozen other cars of various makes and models.

The event was a blast, and we had a chance to ride in both the supercharged 2010 SS Camaro, and the supercharged Viper GTS, both of which were crazy fast! There is nothing quite like the screaming howl of a supercharged V10 engine as you pound through the gears faster than you might imagine possible.

All in all the dyno shootout was a success, and we eagerly await the next one. If you need any tuning done, or want to dyno your ride, definitely check out TurboLaboratories.com.

Check out these videos from the event:

[Sam McRoberts]


Chad Waite on June 20, 2010 at 7:50 pm.

A 1400HP Supra? There’s no way it’s that high…but holy cow, that whine of the GT500 is beautiful.

Sam McRoberts on June 20, 2010 at 8:33 pm.

I was told by the photographer who came with the Supra that it has dyno’d at 1300-1400 previously…It was trailered in and had a full rollcage and a parachute, so I’m inclined to believe him :)

Anonymous on June 20, 2010 at 9:47 pm.

Cody’s Supra put down 1492 WHP.

Brandon on June 21, 2010 at 4:42 am.

The Viper put down 1208hp. That’s Veyron killing power yo! Yeah the supra put down about 1482 and won (obviously), that’s ridiculous earth shaking power! Looking forward to seeing it out at Rocky Mountain Raceway!

Jared Pela on January 27, 2014 at 1:31 pm.

This is the direct report I placed with the BBB. The turbo parts installed on vehicle failed which caused engine failure. Turbo Labs admitted it was their fault but wouldn’t do warranty work.
Purchased the turbo kit and installation with Turbo labs on 9/16/13. Installed with little issue at first, but shortly after kept getting misfires, informed Joe at Turbo Labs of the misfires, he told me that was normal and the engine needs to “learn” not to misfire with the turbo installed. That went on at least once a week for a month and a half of me bringing it in, him clearing the codes and telling me it is fine. He installed a boost controller on 10/29/13, and on 10/30/13 the stated safe limit per Joe was set to 8 PSI. Was driving it at full throttle and it was at 8 PSI, when all of the sudden it opened up to 25 PSI, I let off the gas and sent a text message to Joe immediately asking if this was normal, afterwards I opened my hood and noticed the boost controller hoses were not on the boost controller and I told him about it, his mechanic Justin admitted to forgetting to put zip ties on it to keep it secure. I brought it in the next day 11/1/13 as it was late in the evening on 10/31/13 told me the bolt threads on the turbo system got sheared off and he had to tap new threads in. It stayed there at Joe’s shop until 11/4/13 on which I brought a friend with me, Brandon and we both watched joe Dyno my car during the dyno test I made mention that I smelled oil, joe quickly made the statement “no that was clutch” I asked him if he was sure and he responded yes. He took it off the dyno and I drove it home… I kept smelling a light amount of oil and on 11/5/13, the next day, I was really smelling it and opened my hood and saw oil vapor coming out of the blow off valve. I quickly called Joe to let him know I was smelling oil and saw it coming out of the blow off valve, Joe asked me to bring it in which I did. Then he told me that my compression was gone out of cylinder 1 and that I had too much boost on it which is the cause for the failure, I asked him if it hitting that 25 PSI would be the cause of the failure and he said “probably” I asked him if he would give me a discounted rate on labor or no labor and I pay for the parts, he refused to do anything to help me out which is unacceptable due to the fact that the reason the engine blew was because of his faulty parts. I was willing to work it out but Joe didn’t want to work anything out at all. I asked him to give me a day at the full price that he was charging me for the engine rebuild and think about it, he agreed to that and a few hours later he texted me and told me he isn’t interested in working on the car at all and to have some other shop work on it and gave me a day to relocate my vehicle. I asked him about warranties and he said he would not help me any further than what he is already helping me out on and that he doesn’t even have to fix my car even though it was his shotty work that blew my engine. and now on 1/27/14 through text messages he has informed me he scammed me and still won’t honor his warranties. Telling me he put cheap parts in my vehicle instead of the high quality parts that he promised. This guy is a piece of work.

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