Fail Soup

By | February 17, 2011

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headlight fail

If you couldn’t already tell, automotive fails are one of our favorite things. In fact, the majority of my recent posts have been fails (There have been so many wonderful ones!) so if that’s annoying, please tell me in the comments.

Now, for your enjoyment, we bring you Fail Soup:

Image #1: How self explanatory can you get? It’s a Pontiac… NEXT!

Image #2: This VW Jetta owner returned to his vehicle after work to find a bear inside, but this large mammal wasn’t a nice house guest. He crapped all over the passenger seat and door, as well as in the back seat (even on his frisbee). If that wasn’t enough, it also drank the owner’s beer. Not entirely sure where the owner lives that leaving the car unlocked with beer inside is acceptable. Check out as the bear pauses his dirty deed for a photo.

Bear in Car Fail

Image #3: Let us preface this with a spoiler statement – this wasn’t a woman.

Let’s set up the story here. Imagine you’re a 67 year old banker living in Tulsa, OK. You enter your work parking garage in your Mercedes C-class and you attempt to reverse into your favorite spot. All of a sudden, your foot gets stuck between the gas and the brake. Because you’re driving a C-class, you obviously don’t care about your car, so you have no clutch on your left. That translates into a moment of panic and sends your car shooting halfway out the parking garage. Then you fail.

Reverse Fail

Hooray for fails! They make the automotive world go round.

[AJ Wilcox | Fail Blog | Jalopnik]

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