Ferrari Enzo Replacement Gets V8 Over V12

By | December 20, 2009

A couple months back the first speculations of a Ferrari Enzo replacement begin to trickle out and a lot of people (like yours truly) had to sit down upon hearing the news. It’s going to be called the F70 and we’ve just learned that instead of a big, beefy V12 engine like that of the Enzo, the F70 will be powered by a much smaller V8.

“Just a V8,” you exclaim! Yes, it is smaller but don’t get your panties in a bundle just yet. A smaller engine means that Ferrari has got to have some most excellent technological tricks up their sleeves that weren’t featured in the Enzo’s V12. My guess is gadgets like direct injection and a no lag turbo will probably help this engine become very, very powerful.

And it better be powerful. The Enzo was called “the new performance benchmark” for supercars, so to one-up it Ferrari must create perfection with the F70. [via GTSpirit]

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